This Step is only required if you have not already installed the DuckLink screen capture software.
Install DuckLink screen capture software to take a screen shot of your on-line banking statement :
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Download DuckCapture for the appropriate operating system.
Step 3: Double click Install_DuckCapture_2.7.exe file, select run, accept the installation and follow the instruction to install the software.
img3    img3b    img3b
Step 4: Icon will appear on your computer's desktop, double click icon.
Step 5: Display your bank statement for 60 days from your online banking website.
Step 6: Press scrolling         on DuckLink Screen Capture. Click any where on the page.
Step 7: Select Save to file. File is saved on your computer's desktop
You can now close this web page and return to your application or just click on